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No no. The Board does not issue a generic APRN licence; On the contrary, the APRN license is specific to an extended training role and to a population area. National certification in an additional role and/or a focus on the population does not automatically expand your APRN practice area in Texas. In order to extend your scope to the additional scope of the role and/or population, you must meet the education and licensing requirements in order to do so and apply for an extended license through the Texas Board of Nursing. The Texas Board of Nursing (Board) recognizes specific certification tests for certain roles and centres of gravity of the population. The Committee is required, vis-à-vis the acting public and its licensees, to verify that each certification examination is carried out in order to preserve the competence of new entrants in the role of broader practice and in the field of the population. Therefore, the Board of Directors must have an initial recognition verification procedure for each trial to ensure that the certification process continues to meet the criteria set out by the Board of Directors in the “Texas Board of Nursing National Certification Examination Assessment Criteria” adopted in October 2003. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) also has an audit procedure for advanced practical certification exams. The NCSBN review criteria were reviewed and considered fundamentally equivalent to the evaluation criteria adopted by the Commission. For this reason, the committee`s policy is to recognize certification tests that have been previously audited and approved by the NBNS instead of conducting a separate evaluation. This is both the verification of new tests and the periodic verification of existing tests.

The Commission reserves the right to complete its own certification review at any time. Factors that may trigger a review include: in response to your second question, no. The APRN licence is granted to allow a nurse to practice in a particular priority area (p.B. family nurse or nurse midwife). The license is based on your formal training in a particular advanced practice… Yes, yes. They are required to provide, upon request, a copy of the Prescriptive Authority Agreement to the Texas Board of Nursing, the Texas Medical Board or the Texas Physician Assistant Board.